A Low Fee Cardano Stake Pool Run in the Cloud [NEON]


Geo-Redundant Infrastructure

Neon operates across the United States in Oregon and North Virginia


Low Pool Fee

0% Fee
Minimum Possible Epoch Fee of 340


100% of Operator Profits to Charity

Any income the pool generates beyond operating expenses is donated to the Red Cross

Why choose Neon?

Proven Track Record

Neon has minted 100% of assigned blocks since its inception in December of 2020. Our rewards per epoch will remain volatile due to the small pool size but long term rewards are competitive.

Cloud Strategy

Neon has a presence across the United States for an optimal connection into the Cardano Network. Two relays are publicly associated to the pool and others are kept anonymous for DDoS mitigation.

Enterprise Level Observability

Prometheus and Grafana have become an industry standard for metrics, visualization, and alerting. They are at the heart of Neon’s strategy. It provides a real time solution to monitor the health of the pool and quickly remediate issues. Neon also uses Telegram channels for real time alerting.

Continuous Improvement / Continuous Deployment

Neon’s build system is centered around security checks, performance checks, and sanity checks. This guarantees quick deployments for node updates while ensuring the stability and security of the Pool.

About Neon

Our Misison

Neon aims to be a top performing single stake pool. Our pool operator has 10 years experience as a Network Engineer, DevOps Engineer and Data Scientist. He has a history of managing high performance, low latency distributed systems.

Our Vision

We believe Cardano will improve the financial system for everyone and not just the lucky few. It will create a financial voice to those that are un-banked or under-banked. Neon is the idea that we can be a part of that change.

Our Values

At the end of the day we are all human. We come from the same vine no matter where you live in the world. Let’s be compassionate to each other. Let’s give our children a better planet than what we inherited. Neon embodies these values every day.

So... Want to join? Here's how to Delegate

If you are already familiar with cardano you can search for the pool ticker [NEON].

If you are new to Cardano, welcome! There are two Cardano wallets: Daedalus and Yoroi. Give each video a watch below to learn more about them.

Daedalus Wallet

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